Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from having a coach? A person who guides you in creating and defining your goals. Who walks alongside you on your journey towards your goals. Someone who challenges your thinking and beliefs in what is possible and how to achieve it.

The ICF (International Coach Federation) define coaching as “……. a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.”

But do YOU need a coach? Most successful people have a personal coach working alongside them to achieve their full potential. Many successful organisations also include coaching for individuals and teams at all levels within their workforce to elevate them to greater heights.

Let’s ask Bill Gates what he thinks. He says, “Everyone needs a coach……we all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” He hasn’t done too badly as he!

Other successful people who advocate using a coach to drive them forward include, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google and many more. You don’t have to be famous to have a coach or mentor though. Coaching is for everyone! From high flying city slickers to at home parents, you can be a better version of you with the right coach on your side.

We work with a range of clients, both individually and in the corporate world. They include:

Public Sector

Public sector working has an identity and culture of its own. From Local Authorities to Housing Associations and the NHS, working with teams and individuals from these organisations can be of huge benefit to staff and in turn the wider public.

Sports People

In an environment where results mean everything, personal performance, motivation and goal setting in the world of sport is essential. We work with individuals and teams across all sports in being the best that they can be.

Home Mums, Dads & Carers

For those who give up a bit of themselves to look after others, their own ambitions and desires often become postponed. Working with a coach can help in getting back on track and carving out a little ‘me time’ to establish and achieve personal aims.

Private Sector Workers

A large number of companies in the private sector have been using coaching programs for their staff for many years. Gaining a competitive edge over rivals is a key aspect in the running of a private sector company. Coaching provides measurable benefits and is seen as an investment worth making.

Small Business

Maintaining and developing a small business can be a tough and lonely task for many small business owners. From recruitment and retention to finances and marketing, we work alongside them in managing priorities and identifying options to maintain control

Young People

Navigating your way through life can sometimes be difficult for a young person. Educational attainment, careers, self-esteem, relationships and finances are just a handful of the areas younger people tend to struggle with. Coaching and mentoring as a group or individually can assist young people in creating and sustaining a positive outlook to last way into adulthood.


For Franchisees who have teams and individual staff members, often in multiple locations, we work with them to develop their own identity within the brand. We also help expand their business while complying with their obligations set by the franchisor.

Apprenticeship Schemes

Apprentices can gain valuable on the job experience while obtaining a qualification. They often require one to one coaching to get them through the challenges of balancing the demands of meeting deadlines with their studies while managing expectations in the job itself.

Who we work with

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happy clients

Daniel Ferlance

Housing Solutions Manager, Southwark Housing and Modernisation

Thank you for facilitating my Housing Solutions service away day. My staff came away happy, enthused and feeling part of the decision making process! The selection of activities and outcomes have enabled me to be clear about how I lead my teams over the next 12 months. The Housing Solutions Service would definitely recommend you to others and this was reflected in your evaluation scores.


Green Bean Marketing

I've thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions to date with Colin. He has a warm and inviting nature about him which, with his humor, quickly puts you at ease. Working with him has really helped me refocus and re-prioritise my efforts and how i spend my time and has been invaluable in helping me see the 'bigger picture'. Thanks so much!


The work I have done with Colin has enabled me to have clarity on my goals and the steps I can take to achieve them. I have really enjoyed working with Colin as he is an excellent listener and has made me feel safe as well as challenged. I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions and now have techniques and tools that I will use to help me achieve my goals. I would recommend Colin as a coach to anyone, as he is both patient and professional. I look forward to working with Colin again in the future.