We have over 30 years experience in areas such as:

• Psychology     • Project & Property Management     • Sports Leadership    

• Housing Management     • Retail     • Youth Intervention    • Franchising

• Small Business Development  • Local Government  • Crime Reduction

• Regeneration   • Financial Advice   • Apprenticeships

Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from having a coach? Do you have a person who guides you in creating and defining your goals? Is there someone in your life who walks alongside you on your journey towards your goals and challenges your thinking and beliefs in what is possible and how to achieve it?

Our methods are predominantly goal and outcome focused. You tell us what you want, we support you in creating goals that remain achievable whilst expanding your perception of what's possible. Eliminating limiting beliefs is a big part of obtaining positive results. We then assist you in generating actions that will take you on the journey to achieving your goals.

what we do

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you move up the career ladder, or perhaps get over obstacles preventing you from moving forward on your journey.

Team Coaching

Coaching a team to achieve common goals is an extremely useful tool for any organisation to have at its disposal. A well-coached team is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Leadership Coaching

Designed to get the best out of leaders at any level or those embarking on their 1st leadership role. The focus is on being a leader people want to follow.

Confidence Coaching

For many people, it’s difficult to see their own qualities as well as others are able to see them. Boosting your confidence can bring many positive results. A bit more belief in ourselves goes a long way!

Executive Coaching

Many organisations prefer to bring in an external coach to work with their staff as opposed to coaching from within the organisation. Key individuals who can drive the business forward as well as those with hidden potential are prime candidates for this type of coaching.

Business Coaching

This could be getting an idea off the ground, or pushing to reach the next level if your business is already up and running. Businesses small or large can gain great benefit by having a coach to help clarify their thinking and innovation.

Performance Coaching

Whether in the sporting arena or workplace. Performance coaching assists you in your strive for excellence and can enable you to outperform yourself!

Personal or Life Coaching

Any significant area of your life could be the topic – it’s completely up to you. You might wish to explore who you want to be, what you want to do or what you’d like to have in your life.

happy clients

Daniel Ferlance

Housing Solutions Manager, Southwark Housing and Modernisation

Thank you for facilitating my Housing Solutions service away day. My staff came away happy, enthused and feeling part of the decision making process! The selection of activities and outcomes have enabled me to be clear about how I lead my teams over the next 12 months. The Housing Solutions Service would definitely recommend you to others and this was reflected in your evaluation scores.


Green Bean Marketing

I've thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions to date with Colin. He has a warm and inviting nature about him which, with his humor, quickly puts you at ease. Working with him has really helped me refocus and re-prioritise my efforts and how i spend my time and has been invaluable in helping me see the 'bigger picture'. Thanks so much!


The work I have done with Colin has enabled me to have clarity on my goals and the steps I can take to achieve them. I have really enjoyed working with Colin as he is an excellent listener and has made me feel safe as well as challenged. I have learned a lot about myself through our sessions and now have techniques and tools that I will use to help me achieve my goals. I would recommend Colin as a coach to anyone, as he is both patient and professional. I look forward to working with Colin again in the future.